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Competition Registration Deadlines:

  • Guitar Idol Carolina and Division I College/Open Division (video and payment submissions):
    • June 17th, 2024 (College/Open)
    • June 24th, 2024 (Guitar Idol Carolina)
  • Divisions II and III: September 10th, 2024 (only payment submissions)

Registration and Payment:

  • All competition participants must register and submit payment following this link:

Recording your Video:

For divisions Guitar Idol Carolina and Division I College/Open only

  • Dates: Record your video before the respective deadline mentioned above.
  • Equipment: Use a photo camera, mobile device, or tablet (external microphones allowed).
  • Recording Specifications:
    • Frame: Capture your torso and hands.
    • Audio: Ensure clear sound quality.
    • Single shot: No edits or cuts allowed.
    • Duration: Refer to competition guidelines for time length requirements.
    • Make sure to introduce yourself briefly: clearly state your name, the date of the recording, and the pieces performed.
    • Video format: Landscape orientation preferred.
  • Uploading your video:
    • Create a YouTube video with the following specifications:
      • Title: Your First and Last Name (e.g., “John Smith”)
      • Description: Include your name, recording date, and pieces performed.
      • Privacy: Set the video to Not Listed.
    • Open the YouTube link in an incognito/private browser to confirm it works properly.:
    • Submit your video link during the registration process by following the following steps:
  • Fill out all the fields and submit the payment information. Next, you will be asked who the ticket is for, and at the bottom of that screen, you will see the option to submit your video link. Make sure to submit your video link in that window.

Additional Information:

  • Please refer to the entire competition guidelines for further details and clarification.
  • Contact if you have any questions.