2021 Winners (Ensemble Division)


College Ensemble Division

  • 1st place: Siberia Nueva Duo
  • 2nd place: Kandinsky Duo
  • 3rd place: Cuarteto Delfos

Youth Ensemble Division

  • 1st place: Davisson Duo
  • 2nd place: Brothers Poskus
  • 3rd place: Orpheus Honors Trio

2020 Southern Guitar Festival Goes Virtual!

This year, we will be bringing you a weekend of SGFC events virtually, via Zoom and online livestream.

On June 12–14, we will be featuring phenomenal competitors from 5 continents. Our festival will also host workshops, panel discussions, and concerts by internationally-recognized artists.


2020 Winners


Division I

1st Place. Andrés Madariaga

2nd Place. Marcin Kuźniar

3rd Place. Olga Efimenko


Ensemble Division

1st Place. Onomatopeya:

Humberto Gutierrez, Juana Sánchez, Nezly Sarmiento


2nd Place. Lo Stesso:

Fred Springer, Carlos Bedoya


3rd Place. Neti-Neti:

Joe Tollefsen, Jordan Colquitt


Division II

1st Place. Wang Qianzheng

2nd Place. Aleksandr Lapshin

3rd Place. Pijus Balevičius


Division III

1st Place. Yichen Yang

2nd Place. Zehao Li

3rd Place. Andrei Orasanu


Guitar Idol SC

1st Place. Joanna Kim

2nd Place. Aidan Murrow

3rd Place. Martin Homola


Youth Ensemble Division

1st Place. Winston Salem Suzuki:

Lucas Jorgensen, Finn Giegengack, Miranda Holden, Ava Bryant


2nd Place. Weaver Academy:

Ben Richardson, So Reh, Jason Miller, Ty Taylor, Savannah Barclay, Damon Chrismon, Aiden Sutton


3rd Place. 6 String Players:

Thomas Peters, Allie Thornton, Madeline Leigh, Leta Bealmear, Kassandra Hughes



Richland Library to Host 2019 Southern Guitar Festival

June 7 – 9, 2019 in downtown Columbia SC, the Southern Guitar Festival and Competition will again be in one of the most beautiful and socially engaging venues in the city. All our events will be hosted by the Richland Library at 1431 Assembly Street, downtown Columbia.

Come this June to our festival and competition to experience beautiful music and engaging workshops and lectures!